Booth wins Micro KO

captain Howard Booth, Paul Hattis, Jim Orleans, David Edelson and Steven Fox

The squad led by Howard Booth won the NAOBC 0–1500 Knockout Teams, as they held off a late rally by Wanwan Ren’s team. Booth prevailed 96–90 in the 48-board match.

Playing with Booth of Summit NJ were Paul Hattis of Newton MA, James Orleans of Northbrook IL, David Edelson of Berkeley CA and Steven Fox and Kensington MD. The members of the squad are longtime friends.

Captian Booth said, “Jimmy, Paul, David and I all played on the Highland Park (IL) High School bridge club team in 1975.”

Wanwan Ren, Serena Guo, Jung Hu, Qing Li

Wanwan Ren of Sunnyvale CA played with Serena Guo of Dublin CA, and Jung Hu and Qing Lu, both of San Jose CA.

BOOTH took a 38–22 lead in the first quarter, and expanded their advantage by halftime, when they led 79–31. REN made up lots of ground in the third quarter, cutting BOOTH’s lead (88–71), and tightened the contest even more in the last set. BOOTH held on to win, however, by 6 IMPs.