Endless Summer Tournament

Celebrate warmer days and moonlit nights with the Endless Summer Tournament – your next chance to win gold and red masterpoints® online!

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Daily Bulletins

Friday, June 25
Saturday, June 26
Sunday, June 27

Online Celebrity Speakers

Looking for some bridge tips before the game? We’ll be posting two video mini-lessons (30 minutes or less) from bridge celebrities each morning during the tournament.

Date Speaker Topic
Thursday, June 24 Patty Tucker Drury (Lesson notes)
Barbara Seagram Defensive Moves
Friday, June 25 Donna Compton “Lead on, Macduff!” (Lesson Notes)
Marjorie Michelin Bettering Your Defense
Saturday, June 26 GS Jade Barrett What Questions Not To Ask
Sunday, June 27 Adam Parrish New Minor Forcing