Episode 7

Hi, my name is John McAllister. I have spent the past six years playing bridge all around the world. My goal is to win a world championship. Doing so requires getting into the minds of the world’s best players.

I can not think of a better, more fun way to do so, than to interview great bridge players and share their insights in podcast format.

Episode 7 – Samantha Punch

Samantha Punch started playing bridge as she finished up her PhD in sociology. Now, she is a frequent member of the Scottish Women’s bridge team. At the 54th European Team Championships, the Scottish Women finished 7th, thus qualifying for the Venice Cup for the first time.

Sam’s love for bridge permeates her work life. She is a sociologist at the University of Stirling and under her leadership the University has started the academic study of the Sociology of Bridge.

If you would like to find out more about Sam’s efforts, including the best way to make a donation (which can be tax deductible), please contact alumni@stir.ac.uk or email Sam directly: s.v.punch@stir.ac.uk.

If you would like to be added to the bridge research mailing list (you would be sent a summary 1-2 times a year) or who are keen to participate in future research collaborations. Follow the Sociology of bridge on Twitter: @soc_of_bridge.

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