Mini-Blues winners

Phil Clayton and Jonathan Cohn

Phil Clayton on Frisco TX and Jonathan Cohn of Gilette WY won the 0–6000 Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs on Thursday. They were second going into each of the final sessions, having qualified ninth on Tuesday. They scored a 56.00% and a 51.14% in the final to win by 4.73 matchpoints, about a quarter of a board.

It’s Cohn’s first win in a limited NABC event. Clayton has previously won the NABC 0–10,000 Pairs last year and the NABC Robot Individual last week.

“It’s a war of attrition,” Clayton said. “All the good games did poorly and all the poor games did well. We had a solid last round that pushed us up from sixth to first.”

Leila Sink and John Hoffman

In second were Leila Sink of Los Gatos CA and John Hoffman of Mountain View CA. It’s their third time finishing second in a limited NABC event.