Nobody’s Fool

Cy the Cynic says you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all the time — but you can fool yourself anytime.

In today’s deal, West led a low spade against 3NT, and South put up dummy’s queen, winning as East signaled with the eight. South next led the K from dummy, but East ducked.

When declarer continued with the queen, East guessed well to win and return a spade, and West took the king and led a third spade to set up his suit. Then South could only cash his top diamonds and ♣A. He got one more trick, down two.

Dlr: South ♠ Q 10 4
Vul: N-S K Q 10 9 8
8 6 5
♣ 7 6
♠ K 9 7 6 2 ♠ 8 3
4 2 A 7 6 3
J 3 Q 10 9 7 2
♣ Q 10 8 5 ♣ K 4
♠ A J 5
J 5
A K 4
♣ A J 9 3 2
South West North East
1♣ Pass 1 Pass
2NT Pass 3NT All Pass

Opening lead — ♠6

Dummy Entry

South was fooling himself when he won the first spade in dummy. To make 3NT, he needs to make use of dummy’s hearts — and needs an entry to dummy. South must play low from dummy on the first spade and take the ace.

South forces out the A next. If East shifts to a diamond, South can win and lead a spade, forcing an entry to dummy. He is sure of two spades, four hearts, two diamonds and one club.

Daily Question

You hold:
♠ 8 3
A 7 6 3
Q 10 9 7 2
♣ K 4
Your partner opens 1, and you bid 3 (a “limit raise” to invite game). Partner then bids 4♣. What do you say?

Partner’s 4♣ is an ace-showing cue bid to try for slam. Since your hand is no better than average in high cards, to sign off at 4 would be reasonable. But since your ♣K may be a key card, cue-bid 5♣.Partner may hold
♠ A 4
K Q 10 5 4
♣ A Q J 7 6
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