Chicago Trading Company (CTC), a proprietary trading firm based in Chicago IL, is proud to be the first sponsor of the ACBL’s Collegiate Initiative. CTC employs a dynamic, disciplined approach to trading across a variety of products and strategies, trading in a broad spectrum of asset classes that include Equities, Interest Rates, and Commodities. At CTC, teams of traders, quants, and technologists work together to solve the toughest problems the markets have to offer.

CTC is excited to support ACBL’s Collegiate Initiative to meet talented bridge players who share a similar passion for teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. They hope your passion for bridge leads you to consider a rewarding career at CTC.

Team Testimonials

Drew Becker - Senior Trader “I was incredibly lucky to find trading, which allows me to use many of the skills that I developed while learning bridge. Successful traders are constantly weighing risk and reward to reach a positive outcome; think about the decision between bidding a close game versus stopping the bidding low. We strive to make sound decisions over a long period of time — rather the team that plays consistently throughout will tend to win.” Read More

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Sam Katz -Trader “I love all games, but bridge is different. It is a mental workout. You have to keep and maintain focus for hours at a time while working with a partner to try to figure out the puzzle on every hand. The skills and mindset that makes someone thrive in bridge are the same skills that make someone a successful trader. I knew I would love being a trader because it would be like being able to play a game for my job. In trading, just like in bridge, there is no end to how much you can improve. At CTC, you have a whole team trying to help you get there.” Read More

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