Masterpoints are to ACBL members like medals and trophies are to an athlete: they reward your success at the table — while competing with members at your level — and help measure your progress towards mastering the game of bridge.

As you improve your skills and experience, you'll start collecting masterpoints more rapidly. Focus on your game and you will be promoted to the next Masterpoint Rank in no time.

Challenge yourself to become an ACBL Life Master! Start earning black points at the club and unpigmented points online. Soon you'll be ready for tournaments where silver, red, gold and platinum points wait for you.

Through the exclusive MyACBL portal you can:

  • Track your masterpoints easily
  • Know exactly what you need to advance to the next level with our Rank-up Helper
  • Compare your progress with the entire ACBL membership
  • See your latest game results
  • Find partners all over the country with the Partnership Desk
  • Compete in the monthly It's Your Call contest for a chance to see your name in the Bridge Bulletin

Find A Teacher – ACBL has a vast database of teachers across the continent. Finding a teacher in your area is as easy as 1, 2, click here.

Find a Club – In your area, when you travel and even in the middle of the night. It's up to you, brick and mortar or in the cloud.

Bridge Bulletin – Simply the best bridge magazine for players of all levels.

BridgeFeed – ACBL's online blog featuring articles, quizzes and more.

"Maximize Your Membership" Monthly Emails – During your first year of membership, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of ACBL and the bridge world.

Online Mini-Games – From taking your first trick to more complex auctions, we offer a variety of online games for newbies to experts.

Free Lessons, Lectures and Games – Participate in our Intermediate/Newcomer program through offerings at sectionals, regionals and national tournaments.


With charity games focused on supporting the efforts of non-profits in your area to The Longest Day – ACBL’s national partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to give back to the community while enjoying the game you love.

Membership in the ACBL gives you the chance to be a part of the greater bridge community, and volunteering will truly enrich your fellowship with other bridge players. Take advantage of opportunities by getting involved with administration, hospitality and other aspects of bridge events.


From smaller towns to major cities (even cruises to the Caribbean), your ACBL member number gives you exclusive access to more than 1000 tournaments a year across North America,.

Tournaments are great places to enjoy all the aspects of the game while expanding your community of fellow bridge lovers. Discussing deals and getting advice from other players leads to making new friends - perhaps even a new partner (wink, wink)!

As a bonus, active members pay lower entry fees at tournaments — grand slams at a great rate!


Enjoy an exclusive collection of perks including thousands of local and national discounts as part of your ACBL membership! The ACBL has partnered with Abenity to provide you with savings at hotels, restaurants, retailers, attractions and more.

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