Robot Individual Winner

NAOBC Robot Individual

Fred Chang of Flushing NY won the Spring NAOBC Robot Individual with a combined score of 70.35, just .31 points ahead of second place Timucin Erkoc of Houston TX.

Chang, a retired professional engineer, has lived in New York City for the past 40 years. He won the 2006 Vanderbilt Knockout Teams and the 2008 Baze Senior Knockout Teams, as well as the Grand National Teams Flight B in 1988. Chang, partnering with Zia Mahmood, placed second in the Silodor Open Pairs in 1991 and 2006, and placed second in the Spingold Knockout Teams in 2001.

Scores in robot games can be off the charts. Chang’s first two session scores were over 68%; he then iced his victory with a 73.58% final session. “It was a really fun event to play in, let alone winning it,” said Chang.

Timucin Erkoc, who plays a lot of BBO and GIB events, scored 67.64%, 69.24% and 73.25%. “I played the third session very early in the morning,” said Erkoc. “I saw my score was about 75% and I knew I had a good shot at first place. After everybody played the boards, my score dropped to 73%, so it did not happen.

“Fred Chang may not be well known, but good players know he is a great player. Congrats to him, he deserved it in my opinion.”

Fourth overall and first in Flight B and C was Wanfeng Mou of Sugar Land TX.

The undisputed botmaster and top online-scorer Leo LaSota, respectfully referred to as “the Susan Lucci” of online bridge, has yet to win the event. His blistering second-session score of 78.69% was not enough combined with a first session of “only” 64.87% and a comparatively poor 58.62% final.

The event drew 2856 participants, down about 12% from the fall 2020 event, which had 3259 players competing.