Wagar winners

Bronia Jenkins and Benedicte Cronier

Capitalizing on huge score in the first final session, Bronia Jenkins of Vero Beach FL and Benedicte Cronier of Paris, France, won the Wagar Women’s Pairs. Jenkins and Cronier finished a board and a half ahead of the second-place pair, Gabrielle Sherman of Tucson AZ and Laura Dekkers of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Jenkins and Cronier, who qualified second in Monday’s opening round, scored 70% in the first final. That, along with their strong carryover, allowed them to overcome a tepid 50% game in the second final.

This is the third NABC title for Jenkins, and the eighth for Cronier.

Gabrielle Sherman and Laura Dekkers

Sherman and Dekkers qualified seventh in the opening round, but a 65.5% game in the second final pushed them to the No. 2 spot.